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agricultural company “Nurseries Cavallaro”
produces and sells ornamental citruses,
palms, capers, strelizias.....


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AGRICULTURAL COMPANY (MPS certified company)

The company was born at the end of sixties thanks to Mr and Mrs Cavallaro’s dedication and tenacity; a period in which the precious Sicily although rich in atmosphere and Mediterranean essences did not offer great job possibilities and this was the starting point for Sicilians, who saw their fortune beyond the Strait of Messina.
Andrea Cavallaro and his wife, instead, have devoted their efforts to the values of their beautiful land and amid many difficulties, thanks to a solid relationship, they managed to create what is now the agricultural company Nurseries Cavallaro.


From 1980 the company specialized in potted ornamental citruses production, opening doors to new working systems (sapling, bush, espalier) and to up-to-date techniques, which allowed to refine more and more the quality of the product.

Today, as 50 years ago, nursery activity of company Nurseries Cavallaro points to the growth and improvement of its production offer, updating  its  catalogue  of  new products and species,  ensuring competitive prices,  but still  focusing on a   fundamental  objective: QUALITY.

Capers .|. Before forwarding .|. Before forwarding .|. Calamondino .|. Citrus Limon .|. Strelitzia Reginae plants

Preparatory phase before forwarding

Our citruses, before forwarding, are washed to remove any dust and treatments which contain dyes that alter the color of the plant and of the fruit itself, giving them a truly ornamental appearance.

before forwarding .| before forwarding |. before forwarding

Plants before forwarding .| foto non disponibile |. Azienda certificata MPS


coltivazione piante ornamentali

50 years in

quality assurance !!

Nuresries Cavallaro offer:

giardino, garden competitive prices   giardino, garden new species

Cavallaro Nurseries Cavallaro direct production and sale of different qualities of citrus, olive tree and palms, caper, strelizia                          ^ UP ^
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