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The charm of citrus in bloomIn the heart of the Mediterranean, during the spring,
or wherever there are citrus growing, thanks to the “zagara” flowers,there is in the air a sweet and delicate aroma that arouses beautiful sensations in us.
In the morning,  when you wake up,  and you hear
the merry notes of birds, here is, that you feel the wonderful smell of this flower.
Everything is pervaded by it.
It smells like heaven!

Maria Luisa Cavallaro 


Zagara  Orange and Mandarine

Ruby clementine  in bloom   Orange  in bloom

From blossom to fruit

Zagara Fruit Fruit Lemon

Our citruses in bloom or "zagara flowes"

Lime of Rangpur in bloom Ruby Clementine  in bloom Lime di Tahiti  in bloom Lime Purcha in bloom

Last update: 4-12-2010
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